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November 10, 2022 2 min read

It’s that time of the year again, Famsy’s annual company trip! Our company trip this year was held at Mantin Forest Art Homestay @ Negeri Sembilan from the 4th – 5th November 2022. The main objective of this trip is to show appreciation towards the hard work & effort of every staffs in Famsy as they give their best every day to make sure that our customers & clients are happy with their purchase; and also help the company improve in every possible way. 


On the 4th November, everyone gathered in Mantin early in the morning and the first agenda is to get everyone into their group respectively for the ice breaking session. During the ice breaking session, everyone work together to come up with the best team cheer and also their group winning strategy. Through this icebreaking session, everyone gets to spend time to know their team members and teammates from other departments better.


The main agenda for this company trip is our ‘Running Man’ activity. Our committee members for this trip has come up with a few challenging group station games for everyone to enjoy and let loose during this short getaway. Of course, we can’t forget about the highlight of ‘running man’ – the name tearing session. The last and final game was very intense as everyone put in all their energy that they had left to win for their group and be the champion.


Right after the game session, everyone took their time to get ready for the second highlight of this trip – 90s theme dinner & Famsy Got Talent. All the team members and our bosses have each prepared a fun and interesting performance to hype up the night! From dancing, acting, singing to sports; we have it all here! It was nice to see everyone coming together to have so much fun & laughter during the Famsy Got Talent night and at the same time showcasing their hidden talent! We ended the night with a group photo session with everyone in their 90s theme outfits to commemorate the good times together.

 On the last day, we have our final agenda for this trip which is company presentation and award ceremony. During this session, everyone shared their testimony and happiness throughout the company trip and then proceed with award giving ceremony for the winners that won the games during this trip.

The company trip for year 2022 has finally come to an end and we’re thankful for all the opportunities that has given to us to grow as a big team of family to serve you better! All of us had a great time at this 2 days 1 night short getaway @ Mantin and it has definitely make us all bond stronger & better. We deeply appreciate our staffs and every members in Famsy for their hard work and time in making this trip so fun and filled with laughter.

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