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How does our loyalty works?

1. Sign-up for an account for FREE

2. Collect points as you complete your purchases (the more the merrier ;)

3. Use your points to claim your rewards!


What is the shipping rates and delivery time?

 Country Rate Delivery Time 
West Malaysia RM8 4-9 Working Days
East Malaysia RM14 5-10 Working Days
Singapore 5$ 5-10 Working Days
Australia 9.99$ 5-10 Working Days



Opt for our EXPRESS SHIPPING service and get your orders delivered to you within 48 hours, subject to location*
Check out the full details here

Express Shipping (PLACE ORDER BEFORE 12PM)
Area Rate Delivery Time
West Malaysia RM15 2-4 Working Days
East Malaysia RM20 3-5 Working Days
Singapore 12$ 4-6 Working Days

How can I know what is my tracking number or when my item is ready to pick-up?


  • To know or check your orders tracking number, we will send it through email once its shipped out
  • To know if your item is ready for pick-up we will send you an email stating your order is ready to be collected and provided with the address to pick up
  • If your orders has pass the delivery time frame or you still haven't received your tracking number through your email, do contact us so we can check back with your orders if there is any problems from our side in fulfilling your order.


Why is my tracking isn't available when I have receive the tracking?

If this happens, this usually means that the tracking is still pending as we have just shipped it out on the day you receive your tracking number and therefore, it still has not been updated by the courier. When this happens, may give it 2-3 working days for it to be updated. If the tracking number is still not updated, may contact us and we will help you look into it.


What courier are we using?

Malaysia - NINJAVAN

Singapore - SF Express

Australia - AUSPOST


Where can I check the sizing chart for my items?

You may check your sizing chart here