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Product Image
Product Type Extra Large Pet Collar
Large Pet Collar
Medium Pet Collar Small Pet Collar Extra Small Pet Collar
Measurement 52cm (Length) x
2.5cm (Width) x
36.5 - 46.5cm (Circumference)
43.5cm (Length) x
2cm (Width) x
28 - 37cm (Circumference)

36.5cm (Length) x
1.5cm (Width) x
24.5 - 31cm (Circumference)

33cm (Length) x
1cm (Width) x
21 - 27.5cm (Circumference)

27.5cm (Length) x
1cm (Width) x
5.5 - 22.5cm (Circumference)


Product Image

Product Type

Small Pendant

Large Pendant


0.1cm (Thickness) x 
2.6cm (Diameter)

0.2cm (Thickness) x
4.4cm (Diameter)