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Hand Written Animals Asiatic Elephant By ArtC Addname Mini Accessories Stationery Pouch

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Hand Written Animals Asiatic Elephant By ArtC Addname Mini Accessories is made with 100% canvas cotton, comes with a zipper and can be personalised with a name. Each Stationery Pouch measures 13cm x 23cm layflat. Super versatile for use all year round!

*Our Pouches are made of Canvas and are Off-White and close to Beige in Colour, not white.

This series of work done by our 13 & 14 year old artists brings into focus endangered animals on our planet today. Each artist researched on a specific endangered animal and with that information, created a bold image using their own handwriting.

Asiatic Elephant

Name : Goh En Ting

Age : 14

School : Sirius Scholar

The Asiatic Elephant is the largest mammal in Asia. It can reach up to 6.4 meters in length and 3 meters at the shoulder. Itcan weigh up to 5 tonnes. It eats grass, plant roots, fruit and tree bark.The largest threats to the Asiatic Elephant are poaching and habitat loss. Their tusks are worth a lot of money in the black market, so large-tusked males are in constant danger of being poached. These elephants are also captured alive for domestic use such as tourist attractions.

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