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Hand Written Animals Black Jaguar By ArtC Addname Mini Accessories Stationery Pouch

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Hand Written Animals Black Jaguar By ArtC Addname Mini Accessories is made with 100% canvas cotton, comes with a zipper and can be personalised with a name. Each Stationery Pouch measures 13cm x 23cm layflat. Super versatile for use all year round!

*Our Pouches are made of Canvas and are Off-White and close to Beige in Colour, not white.

This series of work done by our 13 & 14 year old artists brings into focus endangered animals on our planet today. Each artist researched on a specific endangered animal and with that information, created a bold image using their own handwriting.

Black Jaguar

Name : Ong Shu Yi

Age : 14

School : Sirius Scholar

What lays before you is a black jaguar. There are only 6 black jaguars in every 100 ordinary jaguars. Jaguars are the largest and most powerful wild cat in the western hemisphere. They are mostly found in the Amazon rainforests. Their favourite habitats are the tropical and subtropical forests. The number of black jaguars have been declining over the span of 100 years because they are poached for their exotic fur  and their habitats are slashed and burned down for the sole purpose of development.

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