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3015198#CANSET-HLSJB-5#FS001_AS#Black_One Size

Arabesque Geo Brown Canister with Half Lining Small Jute Bag

Size Guide

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Our Bag are made from canvas that is both eco-friendly and is heat resistant. This tote bag is perfect for carrying around personal items, notebooks, food and many more. Personalize it to your liking!

This versatile set of canisters make it easier to store food, reduce clutter and keep food fresher and longer than traditional packaging. The decorative handle and base makes this set an instant countertop enhancement, boasting both sophisticated form and function.

It is made with glass and it comes with a wooden lid ensuring it is airtight. It is also durable, clean and easy to use.

We use high quality outdoor grade adhesive vinyl that is able to last for a very long time if it is properly taken care of.

When washing your canisters, remember not to use any scratchable metal scrubs on the vinyl surface. To ensure long lasting use of our canisters, always clean and dry them properly after each use.

1x - Half Lining Canvas Bag ( 25cm x 30cm x 11.5cm )
1x - Canisters with Trayย (Size Guide : 8.5cm (Diameter) x 11.7cm (Height) ;ย 400ml Capacity)
1x - Canister Tray (ย 28.5cm x 11cm )

Country Rate Ships Out In You Can Receive In
Semenanjung Malaysia (West) RM8 3-7 Working Days 5-10 Working Days
East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) RM14 3-7 Working Days 7-14 Working Days
Singapore RM25 ($8.30) 3-7ย Working Days 7-18 Working Days
Brunei RM 38 Cappped Shipping 3-7 Working Days 15-25 Working Days


Note: Only natural color bag is made from jute, while red, black and navy are canvas material.


**Sizes of items listed in descriptions are approximate and are measured as the overall width laying down flat, please allow 1-3CM differences.


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