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RINDU Series - Sand Jute Bags

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Our Customized Jute Bag - a stylish and eco-friendly way to carry your belongings. With a spacious interior and a range of color, size, and design options, these bags are customizable to fit your unique style. Plus, with custom printing options, they're perfect for gifting or promoting your brand. Order yours today and enjoy a practical, sustainable accessory, great choice for any occasion.

We offer custom printing options, allowing you to add your name, a logo, or a design of your choice to the bag. This makes it perfect for gifting to loved ones or promoting your brand.

Choose our Customized Jute Bag for a stylish and sustainable way to carry your belongings. Order yours today and enjoy a practical, eco-friendly accessory that reflects your personal style!

Large Jute Bag(Large) - 33cm(H) X 39cm(W) X 15cm(L)

Small Jute Bag(Medium) - 25cm(H) X 30cm(W) X 11.5cm (L)

Mini Jute Bag(Small)Β - 18.5cm(H) X 23cm(W) X 9cm(L)

Colourful Jute Bag with Front Pocket - 37cm(H) X 30.5cm(W) X 15cm(L)

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Norin Haripin
Too satisfied!

Okay let me review. This is my first time beli from Famsy, tahu pun sebab always keluar ads from ig. Then try lah tengok website lahhh sangat lurveeeee! Terus terfikir nak beli untuk bestie kita since birthday dia bulan Jan and finally I know what gift should i give for her πŸ˜‚. Btw Jute Bag ni cantik teroxxx ya, dia sangat lurve dengan design and warna tu. Simple but too pretty ❀️. Kawan saya suka sangat sangattt. Packaging sangat kemas and sesiapa yang dapat pun terus terharu ya. Thank you Famsy for selling good product! Next time saya beli lagi okayyy.

Jauin Gabriel

RINDU Series - Sand Jute Bags

Aguswati Wati


Belinda Gonzales

I loved it, a bit small I should order the big one but it’s perfect for wallet water bottle, umbrella. Excellent!


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